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Android Tonight – Backup Apps

Just like with your computer, your Android device needs to be backed up (I hope you backup your computer). Here are a few apps that I use, brought on because Mom upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3, was one of those “give us your phone and we’ll give you this”, and forgot to get all […]

Good News: Obamacare To Raise Cost Of Your Kids’ Braces

That’s right, another “unintended consequence” (WSJ) Here’s something your orthodontist is not smiling about: a new tax rule raised the cost of braces this year. Thanks to a change from the Affordable Care Act that places an annual $2,500 contribution cap on flexible spending accounts, which let workers set aside pre-tax dollars to cover medical […]

If All You See…

…is heat created snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a silly sex post.

Why Not Give A Recycled Or Homemade Gift For Christmas Cause Climate Change?

The 25 days of Climate Christmas continue (Telegraph) This year has been a watershed for public concern about climate change and rising fuel bills. Across Europe and in the traditionally more sceptical United States, more than half the population accept that climate change is a serious threat, and want their governments to do more to […]

Politico: Say, Senator Kay Hagan Is In A Speck Of Trouble

Humorously, the article is entitled “North Carolina’s choice“, and when I brought up the Politico app on my tablet and click on the link for the article Politico gave me an add for some sort of beer. Which we need, considering what Kay Hagan and her party have done to North Carolina. She might need […]

Duke Survey Shows Obamacare To Damage U.S. Employment And Health Benefits

Gee, if only someone had predicted that something like this could happen going back to the time before the “Affordable” Care Act was passed. This was information that people really needed! Interestingly, this survey is mostly being ignored by the national media. Nationally, I can only find an article by CBS News and a blog […]

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