Politico: Say, Senator Kay Hagan Is In A Speck Of Trouble

Humorously, the article is entitled “North Carolina’s choice“, and when I brought up the Politico app on my tablet and click on the link for the article Politico gave me an add for some sort of beer. Which we need, considering what Kay Hagan and her party have done to North Carolina. She might need one as well, considering that this article is about all her problems, and isn’t even a Politico call to Dems to rally around the Dem banner, which would be the usual

(AP Photo of Senator Hagan being asked what her re-election chances are and where approval for Obamacare stands)

It would be tough to find another state where the political terrain has shifted as dramatically as it has here — from kindling hopes of a Democratic revival in the South just a few years ago, to becoming a conservative hotbed that banned gay marriage, tightened restrictions on abortion clinics and enacted a sweeping voter ID law.

In 2014, voters will have a chance to decide which of those two governing visions they prefer — Barack Obama’s Washington or one-party GOP rule in Raleigh ­ — in one of the most competitive, consequential Senate races in the country.

It will be a choice between Kay Hagan, a rookie Democratic senator who voted for Obamacare and says, however haltingly, that she would do so again, and a conservative challenger — perhaps the figure who shepherded that wish list through the Legislature, Thom Tillis, or other rivals like Mark Harris or Greg Brannon who would go even further.

So far, 473,000 North Carolinian’s have lost their health insurance. We witnessed the failed economic policies of Democrats, particularly Governor Beverly Perdue, who was such a disaster she declined to run for a second term. Hagan has been a big supporter of Obama, having voted 96% of the time for his agenda.

“This race is not about the president,” Hagan said in an interview, twice refusing to say whether she approves of Obama’s job performance.

Which is interesting, because her staff said right after that that she would campaign with the President.

Acknowledging the problems with Obamacare, Hagan said she’s working on “sensible fixes” and insisted that the outcome of the campaign wouldn’t turn exclusively on the Affordable Care Act. Instead, she pointed to her work on local issues such as contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, opposing tougher regulation of tobacco and providing tuition assistance for military service members.

She can try populist deflections, and things that are known as “Doing Her Job”, but whoever receives the GOP nomination is going to beat her over the head day in day out with Obamacare and her voting with Obama 96% of the time.

“I think when you look at this race, what takes place in 2014, it’s about a contrast: It’s about what I’ve done in Washington versus what has taken place in the Republican-controlled Legislature,” Hagan told POLITICO. “They have really been focusing on fringe issues and on policies that work against the middle-class families.”

What has she done in Washington? Voted for a far left progressive agenda. If she wants to try this tactic, it’ll be a hoot.

But when pressed about whether she would back the health care law if she had another chance, Hagan said: “Yeah, I would vote for it again. People have to realize that the cost of health care was getting out of reach for everybody.”

Expect to see that quote in commercials come election season. A lot.

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  1. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    “This race is not about the president,” Hagan said

    It is when you vote lock step with a Socialist President who has done everything to destroy the US. Thus, you voted to help destroy the US, harm its citizens, and kill this economy.

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