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Android Today: “Android Lost”

The app of the day is Android Lost, an app designed to help you track down you device if lost or stolen. It can also wipe your Droid, erase SD card, lock it, and lots, lots more. You can even sent a text message if you think someone has it, and make it speak. You […]

White House Sends Out Typically Secularlist “Christmas” Card

Obviously, if you complain about this, you must have faux outrage or something (HuffPo) For four years, conservatives have faulted the seasonal mailing out of the White House for a lack of allusions to Christmas: no tree, no manger, no jolly old man. And here we are again, at that most wonderful time of the […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible CO2 infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Director Blue, with a post on concealed carry.

Dems War On Women: Female Physician Belittled For Attacking Obamacare

Imagine had a Republican treated a female physician in this manner (NY Post) Dr. Patricia McLaughlin, whose ObamaCare woes were first highlighted in The Post, gave a House committee a simple prescription for the defective health care law: “Fix it!” But Democratic lawmakers pounced on her for relating how she got hit with an ObamaCare “double […]

Obama Uses Newtown Anniversary To Push “Grassroots” Gun Control

Did you expect him to do anything else? (The Hill) President Obama marked the anniversary of the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, and called for a nationwide grassroots push for gun control in his weekly radio address. The president’s statement came a day after a gunman shot at least one student and then committed […]

Bummer: “Climate Change” Bad For Santa Or Something

Continuing the 25 Days Of Climate Christmas Tough sledding ahead for Santa This Christmas is turning out to be a potentially bad season for Santa Claus. The North Pole is melting and as it shrinks there’s the danger that it will reveal the location of the secret workshop where Santa and the elves spend most […]

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