Android Today: “Android Lost”

The app of the day is Android Lost, an app designed to help you track down you device if lost or stolen. It can also wipe your Droid, erase SD card, lock it, and lots, lots more. You can even sent a text message if you think someone has it, and make it speak. You can make it snap a photo with front or back camera.

The app resides on your phone as an innocuous looking app, and you go to to control it.

I’ve lost precisely 2 phones in almost 20 years, but it’s a good thing to have an app such as this, what with all the data we keep on them. If not this, get another. I will also give Android Device Manager a whirl later. It seems to be much more basic.

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One Response to “Android Today: “Android Lost””

  1. Done With Winter Gumballs says:

    I can definitely understand how GPS tracking can benefit cell phone users. When I moved to Oregon back in the 90s, I had to buy a new phone and service. 2 days later I lost the phone in the mountains. I tried to look for it, but no hope finding a small little black phone in a sea of browns and shadows.

    I just hate the idea that our own gov’t has mandatory back doors in to all communication and encryption systems. Free and unfettered access.

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