White House Sends Out Typically Secularlist “Christmas” Card

Obama holiday christmas card

Obviously, if you complain about this, you must have faux outrage or something

(HuffPo) For four years, conservatives have faulted the seasonal mailing out of the White House for a lack of allusions to Christmas: no tree, no manger, no jolly old man.

And here we are again, at that most wonderful time of the year:

The 2013 card, pictured above, hit mailboxes this week. The pop-up contraption features signatures from all four human Obamas, two mini-paw prints, and a message that reflects the first lady’s theme of gathering. The stars of the show, though, are the two upright silhouettes of the Obama family dogs, Bo and Sunny.

Cue the outrage. In years past, the Obamas’ focus on their canine demographic in particular has rankled critics, who see the choice to spotlight any one thing as a choice not to spotlight something else — that something else being a Christmas tree.

You’re probably a raaaaacist, too, if you object to the secular tone of the card.

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9 Responses to “White House Sends Out Typically Secularlist “Christmas” Card”

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  2. Jeffery says:

    I think the word is “secularist”, not “secularlist”. In any event, feel secure in the knowledge that disliking the President’s Xmas card is not racist. According to the article you cite, far-right cranks objected to George and Laura Bush’s secular cards too. Also, dogs have been a mainstay on Presidential cards since Hoover, the article said.

    In a nation filled with Christians (Catholics, Baptists, Mormons and other sects and cults), atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Wiccans and Animists doesn’t it make sense for the highest office in the land to NOT officially support a particular religion?

    Now, I guess you can make the argument that xmas is not a religious celebration but is more of a secular holiday, a wintertime bacchanalia, a pastiche of old, new and odd traditions such as decorating trees, yule logs, eating, singing, drinking, Santa Claus, light displays and families opening presents.

    What is your complaint? Would an xmas tree have sufficed? A Santa? Other pagan symbols? Or do you require outright support of your particular religion by the US government to be satisfied? So, do you need a picture of Jesus in the card, or a manger scene? Should the US government support the majority religion?

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  5. jl says:

    “Should the US government support the majority religion?” Don’t worry- this government seems to support the only 7th century type religion left on the planet- Islam.

  6. Done With Winter Gumballs says:

    For four years, conservatives have faulted the seasonal mailing out of the White House

    Yes, because the article suggests that non-conservatives hate Christmas. Thus, they don’t care about the insult.

    Why even bother sending out a secular card when you don’t even want to celebrate the Christian Christmas event? So, if it is secular, then of course those conservative christians will complain as it is a slap.

    Does this article suggest that only conservatives are true Christians who care about Christmas?

    It would seem that there are fewer reasons to keep hope alive for this country.

  7. Jeffery says:

    Call gumby a wahmbulance!

    Most Americans, libs and cons, love Christmas! But it’s both a secular winter holiday (Santa, reindeer, shopping, yule logs, decorated trees, gift giving, The Grinch, drinking, dancing, singing, overeating, dressing up, light displays, acts of charity, Toys for Tots) and a religious celebration of the birth of Jesus.

    But again, the Federal gov’t is prohibited from supporting a particular religion. I do believe that the Obama family, as Christians, celebrate a traditional Christmas.

    Most conservatives wish to force their beliefs on everyone.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. gitarcarver says:

    But again, the Federal gov’t is prohibited from supporting a particular religion.

    But the government cannot prohibit a citizen or an elected official from making a religious statement.

    Once again, you show a tremendous inability to grasp what is being said.

    I personally don’t care what the Obama’s Christmas card says or does not say.

    I would prefer their actions match up to the religion, beliefs or morals they claim to cling to.

    And that ain’t Christianity.

  9. Done With Winter Gumballs says:

    See, that is where you fall under the fallacy of misunderstanding and misguidedness. The US Constitution prevents the US Gov’t from endorsing\supporting\promoting one particular religion over another. merely mentioning a religion does not do that. If so, then Obama would be guilty of violating that amendment each non-christian holiday that he does choose to recognize, such as Ramadan.

    That amendment does not prevent the fed gov’t from BEING religious, mainly because the gov’t is a representation of the people. people are allowed to hold on to their religious beliefs and practices when elected to office.

    This recent ruling by the courts that the cross on Mt Soledad has to go due to being an infringement is wholly without merit, IMHO. Many religions use the cross. Having a cross does not stipulate a particular religion over another, nor does that display even promote\push a particular religion. And it was erected by 3rd party any way.

    It does not state that one must believe or submit or pay tribute to a religion in order to browse the grounds.

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