Shivering Brits Really Excited Over Potential Power Cuts

It’s all that heat that’s melting the Arctic or something because people don’t use enough “green” energy

(Daily Star) Bone-chilling storms are expected to push the National Grid beyond breaking point when demand for electricity surges.

The stark warning comes from Professor Ian Fells, who claims bungling energy chiefs have failed to prepare.

Professor Fells said coal and gas-fired power stations will have to run at full capacity if they are to keep the lights on – but it may not be enough.

The Professor of Energy Conversion at Newcastle University said: “If we take the weather forecast for one of the coldest winters on record seriously then if we only have 2% spare capacity, which is what Ofgem reported, it’s a serious matter.

During last year’s heat induced ultra-cold winter Britain came within 3 hours of running out of gas reserves. Unfortunately, because of the reliance on barely functional wind and solar power, along with the reduced amounts of coal and gas allowed because of ‘climate change” policies, another harsh winter, which would be the 5th out of the last 6, could cause Brits to huddle in the cold darkness without power. This is what Warmists and their cult have wrought.

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