Quick Review: AA Wireless Android Auto Device

I’d been thinking of getting a device that makes Android Auto wireless for a while now, I ordered the AA Wireless dongle while I was waiting for my Civic Hatchback EXL to come in (it finally did, have had it since April 5th. Maybe I’ll do a quick review on that later.). Been using it for about two weeks so far. Here are my impressions

  • Not quite as easy as plug -n-play, have to make sure you get it linked into WiFi connection with your phone, but, it has worked like a champ since, no glitches at all.
  • Sound quality, speed, exactly the same as if wired AA connection
  • One interesting thing is that MP3s/WMAs on my phone often play just a bit louder, I guess it is not limiting volume via Bluetooth (phones, headsets, etc usually limit loudness so they do not get sued. I have an older stereo BT headset and it is much louder
  • It’s small and lightweight, takes up little space.
  • Takes around 20 seconds to connect, a little longer than plugging direct, but, that’s OK.

Now, charging is interesting. If I’m puttering around town, I will usually not plug in, which is a benefit of wireless AA. You may not want that extra charge. You might not want those extra times wearing out the port. However, wireless charging in a car can be a challenge. I didn’t want to use the tray in front of the shifter, because that’s for Stuff. I tried one on a flexible arm attached to the side of the console on the passenger side. Which made it easy to see the phone screen if I needed to. Thing is, wireless charging warms up the phone, right? And if you’re passing gobs of data it gets very warm. Now you’re in a car, where it can be warm, even hot, before you even start. This is why the wireless chargers manufacturers put in cars are slow chargers. They aren’t going to do a whole lot, just a bit more in for power than going out.

If I want to charge, I plug the cable in that’s attached to the “cigarette lighter” port.

Regardless, I’ve enjoyed it. You can almost not get the Motorola one, since individuals and stores buy them all out, then resell. Should be $89.99, the least expensive is now $203. Most reviewers seem to like the AA one. Just might take a bit to get, couple months. If you have Apple, well, no idea. I’ve read some reviews, but, since I only have Android, haven’t tried.

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3 Responses to “Quick Review: AA Wireless Android Auto Device”

  1. PapaMAS says:

    Interesting! I didn’t know there was such a thing. Not sure I would get one, but it might be useful.

    • I almost gave up because of the charging issues. Part of the whole point was not having to plug it in, but, I’ve gotten used to only plugging when needed. Driving to work? Plug it in? Leaving work to grab lunch or head to gym? No need to plug.

  2. UnkleC says:

    Teach, my AA works wireless for all the functions We use. Galaxy Note9 and late 21 domestic [non-GM] luxury. No charging in my shirt pocket, but other functions okay.

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