Android Today: “Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic” And “Scout Navigation”

Two navigation apps for ya tonight, folks. The first is Waze, an open source navigation system, where users can share all sorts of data like police, accidents, delays, and so much more. It, like everything else I mention, is free. I like the functionality a bit more than the standard Google maps navigation program. Graphics are a bit nicer, a bit better for traffic, shows you your speed (my speedometer is off by about 5 MPH when traveling 40 and over). It doesn’t clutter up the display, though.

And the down side, it does like to crash now and then, especially when stopping. However, it prompts you to resume the same trip. Hey, it’s free.

The other is Scout, which I guess is the new incarnation of Telenav. You can use it free or paid. The nice thing about Scout is that you cab download maps for offline use, therefore using no data. On the sorta flip side, the maps are huge. The east coast, which is most of east of the Mississippi, is a bit over 1gb. My slightly older version just had NC up through NJ. Functionality is rather limited in the free version, and the map is rather featureless. But, if you need offline, hey, it’s free, and you can download maps from all over the world.

I had tried Map Factor, which was another offline GPS, found it to be difficult to use and wouldn’t even find my zip code, one of the oldest in Raleigh. I think I tried OSMand maps and found it wanting.

Anyone have a good recommendation? For myself, I gotta have 3D maps.

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