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Android Today: “Magnifying Glass”

Today’s featured app is Magnifying Glass. It uses the camera of your phone to magnify objects, so that those of us who are getting older can read the dagnabit small writing, I think these companies are messing with us, it never used to be this small! Personally, I do not need reading glasses, I’ve always […]

Android Today – Live Wallpapers

Four of my favorite live wallpapers My Beach Free – I really should purchase the full version I use this one so much. Free is still awesome, and light on the processor and battery usage. Multi-frame viewing, relaxing beach. Seasons Live – The name of this seems to change in the Play store based on […]

Android Today: Taking Notes

When it comes to taking notes, one of the most useful and most used is certainly Evernote. For keeping track of detailed notes, which can even include pictures (I have one note that is a picture of part of the keys for my laptop), it is one of the best, if not the best. It […]

Daily Android – Calling Extras

First up, we have Current Caller ID. Why is this so great? Over 300 million home, business and mobile phone numbers identified for free, from the #1 and most trusted people directory. It’s linked in to The White Pages, because the app was developed by The White Pages. It can even ID text messages. It […]

Android Today: Text Later And Stupid Zombies 2

Two interesting apps for y’all today. The first is Text Later, which does exactly what the name implies. I originally downloaded this a week ago when I wanted yo make sure a coworker was alerted to a condition that needed to be addressed first thing in the morning, 8am. Since I was scheduled at noon, […]

Android Today: Music Players

While I rely mostly on my 5 year old Creative Zen as my primary MP3 player in the car, I do use my phone quite a bit to play music out and about. I probably have around 2/3 to 3/4 of my songs on my Droid. So, like you, I need a good player. There […]

Android App Of The Day: Gingerbread Keyboard

Starting a new thing, since I’m definitely a tech geek. Listing some of my favorite apps. Today’s is Gingerbread Keyboard, also known and Keyboard From 2.3. Can’t provide a proper link while using my Droid to write this. Obviously, it is based on the Gingerbread keyboard. I find it extremely easy, it was one of […]

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