Daily Android – Calling Extras

First up, we have Current Caller ID. Why is this so great?

Over 300 million home, business and mobile phone numbers identified for free, from the #1 and most trusted people directory.

It’s linked in to The White Pages, because the app was developed by The White Pages. It can even ID text messages. It can show you the weather in the area code the person is using, as well as news from that area. It can also link in to several social media sites (I do not enable that).

It also comes with a handy widget for most dial calls. As far as that goes, try Callist. It’s quicker way of adding favorites to call, rather than digging deep into the contacts. Some phones may provide easier access, but neither of my two Droids did. You also have the option of adding call reminders. It does so much more. Check out the page.

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