Android Today – Live Wallpapers

Four of my favorite live wallpapers

My Beach Free – I really should purchase the full version I use this one so much. Free is still awesome, and light on the processor and battery usage. Multi-frame viewing, relaxing beach.

Seasons Live – The name of this seems to change in the Play store based on the season, right now it’s called Christmas Live. Includes all the seasons, plus Christmas, Easter, and Halloween special themes.

Beach In Bali 3D – another great beach theme, a bit heavier on battery use than My Beach Free. Sitting on a beach front table in, well, Bali, with birds flying around.

Snowfall Free – Trees blowing in the wind with snow falling. I tend to use this one a lot on my tablet during the winter months.

I’d love a live theme that really takes into account the weather, but haven’t really found one I like. Yet.

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3 Responses to “Android Today – Live Wallpapers”

  1. I’ve got the PERFECT live wallpaper for Android smartphone and tablets. It’s fully interactive. I’m certain you’ll dearly love it. I’ve had mine installed since last December and this year they’ve added an outdoor winter pack.

  2. Nice, same company that does My Beach Free. Downloaded.

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