Android Today: Text Later And Stupid Zombies 2

Two interesting apps for y’all today. The first is Text Later, which does exactly what the name implies.

I originally downloaded this a week ago when I wanted yo make sure a coworker was alerted to a condition that needed to be addressed first thing in the morning, 8am. Since I was scheduled at noon, I may or may not have been up. I also may have forgotten. So I set it up to send the day before.

It installed seamlessly, and sent out perfectly, with the texts showing in the standard text bin. I’m sure people can find many uses for delayed text messages. I set one up to text my Mom on her bday early am, that I would call her. Also for others.

Then we have Stupid Zombie 2, a fun little physics game where you kill zombies. Head and body splats. Shoot them with bullets, bombs, rockets, and other instruments destruction. Often using ricochets to do it, hence the physics part. Great themes, such as winter and the old west. I have it on my tablet, squires from Amazon store, but it is also on Google Play.

Both are free.

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