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Cowboys And Aliens: The Review

Yes, I went to see the movie this afternoon, and the verdict is……..go see it! There have been lots of criticisms over the movie. For my part, let’s say this: it is not a super deep movie. There isn’t super duper dialogue (though, no stupid or bad dialogue.) It doesn’t make you think. There’s no […]

President One Trick Pony Still Wants Tax Increases

It may be more fun to call him President Snippy Pants, but, the guy really is a one trick pony President Obama admitted in a video message the debt deal is “far from satisfying,” but he comforted supporters by suggesting they won’t get rolled as badly the next time around. (snip) “I’ve said from the […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fuel powered chainsaw and a dog that uses too much of Gaia’s resources, you might just be a Warmist

If Liberals Are Going To Call Us Terrorists….

…are we finally free to call Liberals the traitors they are? Yeah, the NY Times ratchets up the discourse for the “New Tone”. This, after Biden was accused of saying “They have acted like terrorists.” He denied that, just that he “let other Democrat lawmakers vent.” So, venting includes elected Federal officials referring to a […]

Politicized Obama DOJ Finally Sues Alabama Over Illegal Immigration Law

You just knew that this was bound to happen at some point. And what better time to sneak in this lawsuit than when everyone was focused on the debt ceiling fight? The Justice Department filed a challenge to Alabama’s tough anti-illegal-immigration law Monday, arguing that the Constitution prohibits state and local governments from creating a […]

If You Thought The Debt Deal Was The End Of The Fight….

…..sorry, no, it could bring on an even bigger fight, per Reuters Kevin Drawbaugh: Analysis: Storms ahead as debt deal sets up tax fight If Congress passes the debt ceiling deal by Tuesday, as expected, it could trigger a battle over tax reform within weeks and turn Washington once again into a dateline for deadlock. […]

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