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Shocker! Four Charged With Voter Fraud Are Registered Democrats

I know, I know, you’re as shocked as I am, because Democrats never commit voter fraud. From WRAL Three people were charged Thursday with voter fraud after authorities determined that they voted twice in Wake County in the 2008 election, and a fourth was charged with voting twice last year, officials said. Cherie Poucher, executive […]

If All You See…

…are evil sheep raised on Big Corporation farms, you might just be a Warmist There’s also another one under the fold, which I uploaded, then realized that it may be a bit too risque for the front page

Time For Yet Another Obama Vacation

Even the USA Today notices the disconnect between Obama’s speeches and his actions: Economic woes offer awkward backdrop for Obama’s vacation Fourteen million people are out of work. Millions more are losing fortunes in the stock market. America’s AAA bond rating has slipped. So should President Obama be vacationing next week in Martha’s Vineyard, off […]

Site Staying Up?

I upped the server resources a bit, which should hopefully compensate for the bursts coming from no clue where, which only show deep in the logs. Going to turn on a CGI script Saturday which should help, hopefully. I only get to see my site so many times a day, so, let me know if […]

NY Times: You Aren’t Buying CFLs Because You’re Stupid And Don’t Know Better

Here’s one from a few days ago (via Tom Nelson). Let’s go through the preamble before we get to the meat YOU may have heard that the federal government wants to limit your choice of light bulbs, starting in January. If only. Thanks to regulations taking effect that month under the Energy Independence and Security […]

Desperation Time In ObamaLand As He Plays Patriotism Card

One of the last Americans who should be questioning anyone other Americans patriotism does just that. Remember Obama refusing to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem? Refusing to wear a flag pin? His wife saying that she’s proud of the country for the first time? Remember his whiny letter which pushed […]

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