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Wait, Global Warming Decreases Storm Activity?

Over at The Hockey Schtick, some very interesting information (probably manufactured by Big Oil And Big Coal, ya know!) A paper presented this week at the INQUA Bern conference reconstructs storm activity over the past 7000 years along the French Mediterranean coast and finds that global warming during the Medieval Warming Period was “characterized by […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle stuck in the mud, making you laugh, you might just be a Warmist That’s right, it’s blonde’s week on IAYS!

The Obama Lexicon

Russ Emerson has come out with the ultimate Obama Dictionary, including healthcare – noun – Federally-funded waiting list executive privilege – noun – golf outing Make sure to head over and add some to the list. How about Bipartisan – noun – Republicans giving in to all Democrat demands New Tone – noun – you […]

When MSNBC Says A Double Dip Recession Is Here….

Then things are quite a bit worse then they appear. Douglas A. McIntyre provides 10 signs the double-dip recession has begun Friday’s news on GDP shows the double dip has arrived — an expansion of only 1.3 percent and consumer spending up 0.1 percent in the second quarter. Astonishingly low by any account. The debt […]

Debt Deal Winners And Losers

Over at the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza breaks down the winners and losers in the debt deal. Here are a few of his winners Tea party: There were major questions coming into the 112th Congress about who would blink first — the largely establishment-aligned leaders of the new Republican House majority or the tea-party-aligned freshman […]

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