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What Say To Garlic Breathe Cows?

Another day, another shark the Believers jump over Reducing farm animals’ wind by adding garlic to feed could substantially reduce greenhouse emissions, according to research by West Wales’ scientists featured by Euronews. An organosulphur compound obtained from garlic kills off methane-producing bacterium in the digestive system of cows, according to Professor Jamie Newbold, who heads […]

After A Long Week Of Giving Speeches And Partying, Obama Gets To Work

Just kidding So says Politico. You have to wonder: do they think he deserves a break, or was that sarcastic? Even they must see the foolishness of Obama bolting off on Friday after signing the FAA bill, giving a few of the same old speeches, and partying it up for a few days.

If All You See…

…is the potential for devastating sea level rise, you might just be a Warmist OK, this should be an easy guess, right?

Believe In States’ Rights? You’re A Racist

No, really, says the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Barbara Arnwine, and Janice L. Mathis: States’ Rights Redux: Voting Rights Act + 46 States’ rights is code for discrimination. Isn’t it great how they can read the minds of everyone who believes in the Constitutional provision which provided States with power against the potential tyranny from […]

Guess Who’s Fault The US Downgrades Is

Surprisingly, not Bush’s. But, that is sure to come soon. Instead, George Soros funded Matthew Yglesias goes with Boehner’s Folly Leads To S&P Downgrade of US Debt Yes, Boehner is the Villain! I’m no expert, we could probably stop after Matthew’s first three words but I don’t think S&P downgrading its rating of US debt […]

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