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Obama Admin. Launches Performance.gov Website To Track Waste

No, it doesn’t track Obama’s golf handicap, the number of times Joe Biden sticks his foot in his mouth, or how much public money Michelle Obama wastes on vacations. From Government Technology The Barack Obama administration added to its portfolio of accountability websites with the introduction Thursday, Aug. 25, of Performance.gov. The website is designed […]

If All You See…

…is a beach that will be swallowed by sea rise caused by abrupt climate change, you might just be a Warmist Ending the work week on a special note

Obama Discusses Hurricane Irene

Obama’s statement on Irene THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. I want to say a few words about Hurricane Irene, urge Americans to take it seriously, and provide an overview of our ongoing federal preparations for what’s likely to be an extremely dangerous and costly storm. I’ve just convened a conference call with senior members of […]

Belief In Man-Caused Climate Change Hoax Continues To Dry Up

The more people know, the less they believe Residents in the top five greenhouse gas-emitting countries are no more aware of global warming or climate change than they were a few years ago. Majorities in all five countries Gallup surveyed in 2010 — except India — continue to say they know at least something about […]

Probable Islamist Attack Kills 10 At Nigerian UN Office

Now we await the typical attempts to equate this act of terrorism with some Christian doing some un-named something, or thinking about it, or something A huge explosion rocked the main United Nations building in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, on Friday, sending billows of smoke over the area and spreading panic among citizens. News agency […]

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