Belief In Man-Caused Climate Change Hoax Continues To Dry Up

The more people know, the less they believe

Residents in the top five greenhouse gas-emitting countries are no more aware of global warming or climate change than they were a few years ago. Majorities in all five countries Gallup surveyed in 2010 — except India — continue to say they know at least something about the issue.

The US saw a drop of 1 percentage point, from 97 to 96 percent, for people who were aware of the issue. And of those 96%

So, an 11% increase in American’s who are “anti-science” or something. It’s actually a pretty dumb question to ask, IMO, as it should be broken out to solely/mostly mankind and a little bit mankind/completely nature. This way, we can see how many people are buying into the most hypocritical issue ever. I’ve said, and continue to maintain, that the current warming trend is primarily natural, with mankind contributing just a bit, mostly through release of methane due to agriculture and landfills, as well as perceived warming due to the Urban Island Heat Affect.

The Chinese and Indians who were surveyed saw belief in AGW increase, surely do to them being inundated with alarmist propaganda over the past few years, as the alarmists realize that people in the 1st world aren’t buying into their cult anymore.

Meanwhile, alarmist Bill McKibben was the first of the cult’s high priests to blame Hurricane Irene on the climate change hoax. Warmist Timothy Egan wonders if the GOP candidates, who don’t believe in AGW, will deny gravity next. Um, gravity is actually a proven theory, subjected to the scientific method, including experimentation. And the Sierra Club doesn’t even bother mentioning global warming/climate change in its Facebook post on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline issue.

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