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OMG, Bachmann Needs To Drop Out Now, Flubs Elvis’ Birthday!!!!!!11!!!!

This is so terrible, I mean, really, really horrible, one of the worst things ever! Not quite as bad as when she said she “had visited 57 states, and had one more to go*”, but, eeeeeeeeeeek! Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann stepped all over Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes while stumping Tuesday, when she mistakenly wished […]

If All You See…

…is a rising sea and a dead tree that could have saved us from sea level rise, you might just be a Warmist This one’s too easy.

Brain Eating Amoeba’s Are A Ramification Of Globull Warming

Have you heard about the two children who recently died as a result of a brain eating amoeba? Of course, there has to be a globull warming link, ya know, as Planetsave’s Zachary Shahan shamelessly tells us A deadly, brain-eating amoeba has killed at least one boy and one girl recently. The amoeba proliferates at […]

Forcing People To Buy Health Insurance Shouldn’t Be Controversial, Says Obama

Obama’s out on his big taxpayer funded bus trip, with two buses that cost around a million dollars a piece, not to mention the cost of all the chase cars, security, and whatnot, making speeches that look oddly like campaign stump speeches, as Byron York points out. Then we get this, via CNS News “Here’s […]

Did Rick Perry Question Obama’s Patriotism?

Over at Memeorandum, where it seems to be all Rick Perry all the time, we find a whiny tidbit from George Soros funded Think Progress, which says that Rick Perry Questions Obama’s Patriotism Speaking to reporters tonight following an event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared to question President Obama’s patriotism.  In […]

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