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Santorum Challenges Huntsman On Climate Change Hoax

Not sure why he bothers, Huntsman’s campaign is going nowhere in the slow lane. From Talking Points Memo Santorum on Friday singled out Huntsman for accepting the scientific consensus on manmade activities being a significant contributor to global warming — and did not talk at all about Huntsman’s belief in evolution, despite his own long […]

If All You See…

…is natural and sustainable panties, you might just be a Warmist Ending old school week on a high note. This should be an easy one, eh?

If Blaming Others Is Bad For Your Health, Obama’s In Big Trouble

Via CNN Feeling persistently resentful toward other people –the boss who fired you, the spouse who cheated on you –can indeed affect your physical health, according to a new book, “Embitterment: Societal, psychological, and clinical perspectives.” In fact, the negative power of feeling bitter is so strong that the authors call for the creation of […]

Carbon Fees Are A Way To Pay Back Mother Nature

Climate alarmists aren’t even pretending that so-called carbon fees will actually do anything anymore. Here’s  a letter in the Baltimore Sun Mr. Piette’s letter on carbon tax (“Carbon fee is a tax to redistribute wealth,” Aug. 15), demonstrates how far we have to go in environmental education. The carbon fee is not for the government, […]

(NMP) Obama Continues To Question Republican’s Patriotism In Weekly DNC Address

Wait, it wasn’t the official DNC address? It was the weekly Presidential Saturday address? The man is a shameless, partisan hack President Obama says political leaders in Washington should take a lesson on values and patriotism from the American people he met on a Midwest bus trip last week. The president delivered this morning’s weekly […]

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