Carbon Fees Are A Way To Pay Back Mother Nature

Climate alarmists aren’t even pretending that so-called carbon fees will actually do anything anymore. Here’s  a letter in the Baltimore Sun

Mr. Piette’s letter on carbon tax (“Carbon fee is a tax to redistribute wealth,” Aug. 15), demonstrates how far we have to go in environmental education. The carbon fee is not for the government, it is a payback to Mother Nature herself for the rape, burning and slow destruction of our environment that we have been doing for centuries (at no cost) and for which we show no signs of abating.

For the free market to realize the damage and to be incentivized to move to better renewable energy, the true cost of fossil fuel burning to the environment must be included in the cost to consumers. Since Mother Nature herself cannot charge us for our wanton waste of her limited resources, we institute governments to do it in her behalf. We the people institute our government to protect us from the tyranny, greed and selfishness of others, which, without government, would rape, burn and destroy our environment without limit in the name of short term profit.

We therefore ask our government to collect the carbon fee in behalf of Mother Nature to protect us from those selfish and greedy exploiters, and to place that investment in renewable energy for our own survival. Mother Nature is already coming to collect for our past greed in the potential upheaval of climate change, but the short term greed and profit of our fossil fuel appetite is not paying the price. Our children will.

I think it is safe to assume that the writer, Bob Bruninga, thinks it is just fine to assess those fees on Someone Else, but, not him.

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3 Responses to “Carbon Fees Are A Way To Pay Back Mother Nature”

  1. captainfish says:

    I’m sorry, but logic just can’t leave me completely like it does these people…..

    They want a carbon tax to force…nay.. incentivize the evil capitalist rapist exploiters of our environment to move toward a more green and renewable form of energy.

    So, this person is ONLY worried about power companies? ONLY power companies are evil raping exploiters of our world? Yet, are they not PART of the government that this person is so subservient to?

    And, if these vile and evil “corporations” are so vile and evil before the carbon tax, then please tell me how they would NOT be so afterwards? If energy company A, who strip mines in West Virginia “decides” that do to the massive levies, fees, and “incentives”, it now costs too much to dig for the coal he has been digging up for the last 100 years, and decides to take the federal subsidy game and build windmills and solar panels to “make up the difference”.

    Thus, with the new federal pro-incentives, he forces people out of their homes, he gets local states and counties to declare vast areas under eminent domain and then provide lower taxes so he can build his 2,000 square miles of solar panels and wind mills. (Instead of the 20 sq acres before)

    Meanwhile, mr smart-as-Gaia is now unemployed, out of a home, and forced to leave the county, forced to continue to pay higher taxes and now must ration his energy usage during normal-temperature days.

    Meanwhile, the former evil Earth raping vile corporation continues on being vile by sapping as much federal and state money as he can to continue the economic way of life he once knew. He will demand a subsidy due to loss of income at night since there is no sun to provide him the energy\economy that his once 24/7 coal mining job used to do. He will claim bankruptcy protection and not have to pay unemployment insurance for all those coal mining jobs that they had to let go. He will charge double energy costs than previous to make up for the higher cost of energy production and because of that wondrous and preferred new label – ‘GREEN’.

    What a country we live in……

  2. gitarcarver says:

    I saw that letter and was going to write about it as well. I then realized that the stupidity of the author needed no comments from me.

    One of the commenters note that a carbon tax is used to “level the playing field.”

    He sees that tax as a good thing. I wonder if he would see his income redistributed to others in Baltimore that are making less as a good thing. Somehow I doubt it.

    In the minds of many, it is always great to “level the playing field” when it benefits them, but not not when they are being hurt by the “leveling.”

    It always depends on whose ox is being gored.

  3. Excellent points. I suspect he would be rather upset if some of his wealth was confiscated for those less fortunate then him, as well.

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