The Obama Lexicon

Russ Emerson has come out with the ultimate Obama Dictionary, including

  • healthcare – noun – Federally-funded waiting list
  • executive privilege – noun – golf outing

Make sure to head over and add some to the list. How about

  • Bipartisan – noun – Republicans giving in to all Democrat demands
  • New Tone – noun – you Conservatives suck and should die, but, don’t you dare respond back. That’s uncivil
  • Civility – noun – something only Liberals practice, you teabagging, granny killing, poor hating greedy sons of a bitches

(H/t The Other McCain, though, would have seen it on ye olde feedreader)

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3 Responses to “The Obama Lexicon”

  1. captainfish says:

    sons of a bitches

    Seriously Teach? Sounds like a white guy from Maine trying to gangsta-rap

  2. It sounds better in a Southern accent

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