Wait, Global Warming Decreases Storm Activity?

Over at The Hockey Schtick, some very interesting information (probably manufactured by Big Oil And Big Coal, ya know!)

A paper presented this week at the INQUA Bern conference reconstructs storm activity over the past 7000 years along the French Mediterranean coast and finds that global warming during the Medieval Warming Period was “characterized by low storm activity” in comparison to cold periods such as the Little Ice Age. The paper concludes that cold periods increase storm activity because of the increase in thermal gradient between the tropics and poles.

Why do we get such an interesting tornado season in the spring? Cold, dry air coming down from the north meeting warm, moist air from the tropics. So much of storm activity is caused by a difference of temperature gradients.

Increased storm activity during Holocene cold events in the NW Mediterranean Sea

Pierre Sabatier et al

Abstract: A high-resolution record of paleostorm events along the French Mediterranean coast over the past 7,000 years was established from a sediment core from a lagoonal environment in the Gulf of Lions. Using a multi-proxy approach that integrated grain size, faunal analysis, clay mineralogy and geochemistry data with a chronology derived from radiocarbon dating, we recorded seven periods of increased in storm activity at 6,200; 5,400; 4,600-4,200; 3,600-3,100; 2,600; 1,900-1,500 yr cal B.P. and over the Little Ice Age. In contrast, our results show that the Medieval Climate Anomaly was characterised by low storm activity.

See what they did? They used actual, physical evidence, rather than relying on computer models. The Hockey Schtick points to other papers that say the same thing, as well. Head on over.

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9 Responses to “Wait, Global Warming Decreases Storm Activity?”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    But wait… aren’t we told that “global warming” will increase the strength of storms such as hurricanes because rising ocean temperatures means more energy for storms?

    You mean that catastrophic prediction was wrong?

    I am shocked. Shocked I tell you. Shocked!

  2. captainfish says:

    Your shocked GC!?!?
    I’m shocked to learn this:
    So much of storm activity is caused by a difference of temperature gradients.

    I thought that due to “global change” that the whole of the earth warmed to a set degree C? Are you saying that areas that are cold will stay cold and areas that are hot will stay hot? Are you saying that our kids will NOT experience ice-free poles because they will be as warm as the tropics?

    Next thing you’ll tell us Teach is that natural evolutionary migration of species will be called Man’s fault!!!


    I wonder how those “native” grasses got there in the first place?

  3. Shocking, isn’t it? Who would have thought that the worst storms are caused by temp differences. As one book puts it, all weather is about cool flowing into warm and warm into cool.

    Funny that you should mention the grass: I have a draft post on that, just haven’t got around to posting.

  4. Russell C says:

    “…(probably manufactured by Big Oil And Big Coal, ya know!)…”

    On that related tangent, you have to consider how effective that’s been – remember, if skeptic scientists are corrupt, then we all have no obligation to read a word of their papers.

    But what if they aren’t corrupt? Please see: “Pt II: Is Gore’s Accusation of Skeptic Climate Scientists Still a Hoax?” http://www.redstate.com/russellc/2011/06/22/pt-ii-is-gores-accusation-of-skeptic-climate-scientists-still-a-hoax/

  5. captainfish says:

    Good article Russell

  6. Trish says:

    But what about snow? I thought that they told us that global warming causes snowstorms too???? All this logic you guys are spewing, it’s making my head spin…make it stop! Where is Algore when I need him?

  7. captainfish says:

    logic?!?1 who said anything about logic? 😉

    there ain’t no logic here. serious? When dealing with government or the warming scare, there is absolutely no logic. 🙂

    Heck, Congress just voted in a debt busting deal that actually increases the debt and will undoubtedly raise taxes to boot.

    logic. Harumph. logic died a long time ago.

  8. Trish says:

    I was hoping…nah, we are heading to a scarier time my friends. And if we don’t win some real battles soon, well you all know what we face.
    Actually the libs say we did win that horrible debt deal; but we know we have to really crack down in order to survive. That crap was nothing but show. The economy is still in the tank and the world still owns us. Progressives and global warmists are our enemy!

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