If Liberals Are Going To Call Us Terrorists….

…are we finally free to call Liberals the traitors they are?

Yeah, the NY Times ratchets up the discourse for the “New Tone”. This, after Biden was accused of saying “They have acted like terrorists.” He denied that, just that he “let other Democrat lawmakers vent.” So, venting includes elected Federal officials referring to a segment of the US population as “terrorists,” and the Vice President of the United States sat there and let them do it?

Personally, I prefer the term “freedom fighter”. Militant doesn’t apply, since it breaksdown to about 98% liberal violence to 2% conservative violence. We aren’t the ones shooting, going on rampages, throwing pies and glitter, poo, and generally making messes. We aren’t the ones who advocated the continued destruction of the USA.

So, if we’re all terrorists, all you liberals are traitors. Because you don’t hear the majority of liberals saying “hey, come on, calling our fellow Americans terrorists simply because they have a different take on the economy is going way, way to far. Please stop that.”

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14 Responses to “If Liberals Are Going To Call Us Terrorists….”

  1. Black Flag says:

    Pirates Cove, you just don’t understand how it works here: Liberals call Republicans terrorists, baby kidnappers, Nazis, murderers, killers, and whatever else and our Republican leadership then turns around and attacks the TEA Party.
    See how easy that was?

  2. david7134 says:

    I don’t care what they call me. I just want the country back. I now understand what the South was fighting for in the 1860’s.

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  4. Word says:

    I suspect a civil war is coming. But it will be more like rioting in the streets as the progressive unions continue to brainwash our children from kindergarten to their graduation from college.

    Any wonder why OBAMA took over college loan program? Of course its to be sure that EVERYONE who wants to go to college and GET MORE INDOCTRINATION…..can do so at the publics expense.

    As Jefferson Davis said “we just want to be left alone, but they would not allow it.”

    In reality the liberal/leftist/progressive/communists “will not allow it.” They must continue to punch and kick us when we are down…when we are out….they will throw water on us to wake us up and then scream and kick us some more claiming we are a threat.

    The right is no threat. The leftist agenda has been in place for 50 years now. The die is cast. America is well on its way to communism now.

    I knew with sure and certain certainty the other day when at a a public event my grandkids could not sing the star spangled banner and when I asked them what “The Star Spangled Banner” was….they really could not give me an answer.

  5. proof says:

    C’mon, now, William! Everyone knows that “civility” is a one way street with liberals!

  6. manbearpig says:

    speaking of traitors, what ever happened to johnny cakes ryan?

  7. Steve M. says:

    If Liberals Are Going To Call Us Terrorists….

    …are we finally free to call Liberals the traitors they are?

    You mean you’ve been restraining yourselves from saying that until now? You could have fooled me.

  8. plainslow says:

    Modern day minutemen is what they are. Right Michael?

  9. captainfish says:

    Its time to speak out. I am tired of the squishy R’s staying silent and being “political”. They call us traitors, terrorists, destroyers, killers, and we come back and say only that “they said they would work with us”.

    If you come to the conversation with the belief that they are liars, then you can work with them. THat’s how Reagan worked with the Russians.

    Want to know where Ryan is? Probably feeling betrayed like we are. He sat in those meetings and went after Obama’s lies, and his leaders betray him to our enemy.

    These lyin sumzabitches need to be sent to jail for fraud, blackmail, theft and treason to the Constitution.

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  11. LeftRightintheMiddle says:

    if we could only be as great as those damn commies with there cheap health, AAA credit rating, surplus reserves, jobs, etc.

  12. LeftRightintheMiddle says:

    What is right is only what two people can agree on. When we can stop following our stubborn political parties and work for the people we might get something done. Do not let your view be skewed by Democratic or Republican agendas that are only meant to please there parties and there religious or financial backers. We are AMERICANS not republicans, not democrats but AMERICANS. Our country is FOR the people BY the people OF the people. Never forget that!!!!

  13. captainfish says:

    Unfortunately Mr Middle, there are different beliefs in America. That is what made America great. We have different beliefs but there used to be a common undercurrent of national pride and protectionism.

    But now, there isn’t even that.

    One can’t be FOR America, when your belief system does not think America is great or you think that certain people should be treated unequally and singled out with different laws.

    If you have to come to an agreement with someone who lies all the time, … how? How do you “agree” on what is best when the other person lies and refuses to be American?

    You can claim “Americanism” all you want, but nearly half this country are not Americans. Seriously. You have 20-30 million that are here illegally and hold no allegiance to America. You have about 50 million that are total anarchists and purely evil-doers – or just don’t care about life. Another 50 million are the communists and socialists.

    Please tell me how a communists agrees on what is best for America?!?!? When what we need is a lower tax rate, more open business market, more free capitalistic policies, and less federal nanny-statism….. how can you come to an agreement with a Communist or statist?

    While I agree that the labels of Repubes and Demrats are now stupid and silly…. you can not discount their underlying belief system – that of Statism, Socialism or Communism.

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