President One Trick Pony Still Wants Tax Increases

It may be more fun to call him President Snippy Pants, but, the guy really is a one trick pony

President Obama admitted in a video message the debt deal is “far from satisfying,” but he comforted supporters by suggesting they won’t get rolled as badly the next time around. (snip)

“I’ve said from the beginning that the ultimate solution must be balanced. Big corporations and the wealthiest Americans shouldn’t be exempt from kicking in,” he said. “That’s just fair.”

Well, you are welcome to donate your $1.8 million in 2010 income to the IRS, chump.

Video in the single post

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4 Responses to “President One Trick Pony Still Wants Tax Increases”

  1. captainfish says:

    Instead of forcing job-creators and businesses to pony up more taxes instead of jobs, the prick should make non-payers pay something. Or, if he is worried about not enough in taxes, how about asking his friends to help contribute to his payroll.

    So, how are people feeling now about the long established power base in Congress? Still feel like a person with an R next to their name has your best interest at heart? They are no better than Socialists and Statists. Only those who have promised protections of the US Constitution above all else should be given consideration. Those promising “something” in return should be run out of town.

    Those who have voted FOR this bill should be arrested for fraud.

  2. The sad part is that this was really the beat they could do. Nothing that the GOP passed would ever make it through the senate or past obummers veto pen

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