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President Snippy Pants’ Spokesweasel: Plan? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Plan!

The White House press gaggle became rather snippy today, as WH Spokesweasel John Carney decided that answering questions from the press corps in order to provide the American public with information was not in order, via Townhall’s Guy Benson At today’s daily briefing, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tangled with reporters over questions about […]

Captain America: The Review

Eh. Kinda slow paced, plot is kinda thin, action is so so, weapons and vehicles are rather unbelievable for 1943, and the ending was a slight downer. Not a bad movie, per se, but not worth, at best, an afternoon matinee for the 2D version. The 3D was kinda boring. The character development was sparse. […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that is going to rise 6 feet, you might just be a Warmist

Obama’s Carter Moment?

R.S McCain You know who’s smiling now? Jimmy Carter. Because Jimmy’s well on his way to becoming the second-worst president in American history. Just for you, bub

NBC News’ Anne Thompson: Climate Change Is Not A Religion

But, it is apparently very confusing, so, you should just listen to the experts SmartPlanet: What concerns you most about energy and climate change? AT: As a reporter, I think climate change is still a very confusing subject for the public to comprehend. I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard the […]

TSA Abuses Cancer Survivor For Second Time

And, they apparently knew who they were patting down Thomas Sawyer, a 62-year-old bladder cancer survivor who made headlines last November after a pat-down left him covered in his own urine, has filed a new complaint with the Transportation Security Administration. Sawyer, who wears a urostomy bag that collects his urine through an opening in his abdomen, […]

Did Team Obama Pay The Washington Post For Fawning Coverage?

Apparently, they watched a different speech than the rest of us did. Here’s Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s Monday night repeat, via Gateway Pundit: Don Surber has some other quotes which lambaste President Snippy Pants. And So It Goes In Shreveport eviscerates (whoops, sorry, uncivil word) Obama’s class warfare scaremongering blamestorming 5 year old tantrum presser. […]

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