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Even Juan Williams Knows Michele Bachmann Is Winning

No tiger blood needed Do you get the sense that Michele Bachmann is under attack by the press? I do. And Rep. Bachmann is winning the fight. Actually, I think she has won this war, as the big negative stories from the media have mostly dried up, as they were looking really, really, really bad. […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled helicopter, you might just be a Warmist

Dear Speaker Boehner: Let’s Give Democrats The Old Tax Rates Back

(This is a letter and email that I have sent to Speaker Boehner, as well as to NC Senator Richard Burr and Congresswoman Renee Elmers, who will hopefully be my Rep. when redistricting is done, moving me to NC2, rather than Democrat Brad Miller in NC13. I’m also hoping that someone from one of their […]

Telling Climate Hysterics The Truth Is Like Salting Slugs: Necessary, But Fun

James Delingpole reminds the Warmists of a simple fact: there has been no statistical warming since 1998: There has been no global warming since 1998 The headline of this post really shouldn’t be controversial. It chimes perfectly with what Kevin “null hypothesis” Trenberth wrote in that notorious 2009 Climategate email to Michael Mann: The fact […]

Obama Reduced To Playing AA Ball

For those who aren’t familiar with minor league baseball, double A baseball is two steps below playing in the majors. Sometimes, a player will jump up and play in the majors, but, will usually be dropped back to AA for more development. And, as the Politico points out, Obama is basically playing small ball, terming […]

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