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Who’s The Real Radical? Not Michele Bachmann

So says NRO’s Andrew McCarthy There is a dismaying symmetry about the debt-limit controversy. Today’s Left creates phony crises to rationalize action on its radically transformative program; today’s Right creates phony rationalizations to avoid addressing actual crises. Incrementally, yesterday’s radicalism becomes today’s norm. The Right talks a good game about small government, constitutional government. But […]

Climate Change (hoax) Causes Erosion In Ca.

I thought we had moved beyond this silliness, but, you know the climate morons never give up a good meme The storms that battered the West Coast during the winter of 2009-10 eroded record chunks of shoreline, and more will likely disappear as the changing climate brings more such powerful storm seasons, scientists warn in […]

If All You See…

…is the evil flag of the world’s worst carbon polluter trying to depopulate the oceans, you might just be a Warmist

GOP Votes To Defund EPA On Light Bulb Enforcement

Funny how this news was lost in the shuffle Friday, and I had to go to a British newspaper to find out Republicans claimed to have struck a blow for freedom on Friday when the House of Representatives voted to strip all funding from government programmes promoting energy-saving lightbulbs. The measure, brought as an amendment […]

Obama To Meet With Dalai Lama Saturday – Hey, Didn’t He Offer To Meet With Others?

Obama’s still treating the Dalai Lama rather shabbily The White House announced late Friday that President Obama will meet with the Dalai Lama at the White House on Saturday, finally putting an end to mounting speculation about whether the Tibetan religious leader would get an invite to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. “This meeting underscores the President’s […]

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