Who’s The Real Radical? Not Michele Bachmann

So says NRO’s Andrew McCarthy

There is a dismaying symmetry about the debt-limit controversy. Today’s Left creates phony crises to rationalize action on its radically transformative program; today’s Right creates phony rationalizations to avoid addressing actual crises. Incrementally, yesterday’s radicalism becomes today’s norm.

The Right talks a good game about small government, constitutional government. But that is all it is: talk. When it gets down to brass tacks, like now, with our nation sinking into a death spiral of unsustainable, incalculable debt, the Right’s solution is to grow government while trusting that government will constrain government — at some future date, of course. And when someone has the temerity to say, “No, enough,” mainstream Republicans, aided by some in the conservative commentariat, are as quick as the Obama Left to marginalize that someone as an “extremist.”

So it was that Sen. John McCain, the very model of a progressive Rockefeller Republican, lambasted a surging GOP presidential hopeful, Rep. Michele Bachmann, for her uncompromising stance on the debt ceiling. By McCain’s Big Gummint lights, Bachmann is an extremist for refusing to indulge the notion that we should inflate by $2,500,000,000,000 (that’s not a typo) the credit line of a bankrupt nation that is officially $14,300,000,000,000 in the hole. (The true debt is more like $130,000,000,000,000 if we look beyond Uncle Sam’s Enronesque accounting practices.) And mind you, the $2.5 tril is just what’s necessary to get us through President Obama’s reelection, McCain’s 2008 campaign having already done its bit to ensure Obama’s election. Once the president’s second term is won, there would be nothing but trillions more in debt and debt-ceiling raises until, sooner rather than later, creditors stop the music and the country collapses.

And therein lies the problem: we have the squishy Republicans who tend to freak out when a Conservative actually espouses actual *GASP* conservative (also known by the term Classical Liberalism, as opposed to today’s liberalism, which is closer to fascism) positions and demands that we implement said conservative positions, they are termed radical and extremist. And we are told that we have to capitulate, make peace in our time, and have a “discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will.” Basically, give the Progressives what they want and get nothing back but promises of unicorns and elves in every pot.

The squishes need to man up, and choose a side. Make sure to read the whole thing.

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4 Responses to “Who’s The Real Radical? Not Michele Bachmann”

  1. captainfish says:

    Squishies will never man up. They are too squishy for that. Thus, what happened in 2010 elections. The have to be forcibly removed from office. The Congress has to be given a warning shot that their socialist tendencies will not be tolerated.

    I just PRAAAAYY that the conservative movement will hold strong for the 2012 elections. We have got to get rid of the remaining squishies. Esp the ones that refuse to see the truth about ObamaCare and the lightbulb ban. Among many others.

    But, does it really come as a surprise that the RINOs are coming out of the woodwork. Tom Ridge, John McCain, Huntsman? Irrelevant people trying to be relevant.

  2. Word says:

    I cannot but harken back to a recent post I made. I am not sure if I posted it here or not.

    But it goes something like this.

    Obama raised the budget by 1.3 trillion bucks over the 2007 budget.

    The GOP now want to cut 2.5 to 4.0 trillion over the NEXT TEN(10) YEARS.


    thats 250-400 billion per year.

    1.3 trillion minus 250-400 billion EQUALS?

    The GOP is agreeing to an 800 billion dollar budget increase and to insult the rest of us……..

    TAX INCREASES and revenue growth streams.

    This is they most preposterous hyjink ever perpetrated on the American public by Obama and the democrats and every republicans got this giant wool blanket they are dragging over the publics eyes while the Democrats laugh and smirk and give America the finger.

    and thats my word of the day.

  3. captainfish says:

    Yeah you did Word. But a good word worded a second word is worth wording twice.

    Yes, we are currently being led by a SQUISHY. They UBER-height of squishy is to tell the public, this is the HOUSE of Representatives mind you, to tell the public that if the president doesn’t negotiate they just MIGHT come up with their own budget.

    Isn’t that their JOB?!?!?! Isn’t that their sole responsibility in the three-headed beast of a government? And like you say Word, come up with a budget that is only 1.5-2.0 Trillion PER YEAR.

    But, like I worded before, trying to be like Word, the House is full of SQUISHIES led by a Royal SQUISHY

  4. Thing is, it’s. A start. Kinda like making a New Years resolution to exercise : you actually have to go to the gym. Once you have gone a few times, you start doing it more, and want to do it. You miss doing it. So, I look at these tiny cuts as a start, then we jeep on them to keep doing it.

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