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Wolf Whistling Parrot Caught, Charged With Sexism

OK, I made up that last part. They’ll propably charge the owner. From NJ.com Less than a mile as the crow flies from where a woman said she spotted a bear Wednesday, another woman spotted another exotic South Jersey visitor Thursday and has photographic proof. “My friend heard this whistling all day but she ignored […]

If All You See…

…is an evil cat using up too much of Gaia’s resources, you might just be a Warmist Doubleshot for Caturday below the fold, a bit more risque

Norway Killer Was Obviously A “Right Wing Extremist”

Anyone think the AP would term the guy an Islamic extremist or left wing extremist if he was? The 32-year-old suspected of massacring at least 80 young people at a summer camp and setting off a bomb in downtown Oslo that killed at least seven is a mystery to investigators: a right-winger with anti-Muslim views […]

Remember, When The Weather Is Hot, That’s Proof Of Globull Warming

And when it is very cold and snowy…..well, the Warmists are blaming that on anthropogenic global warming nowadays, too. Latest to push the meme is Andrew Revkin “Living with the greenhouse effect” was the subtitle of my October, 1988, cover story for Discover Magazine — my first lengthy exploration of the science pointing to a […]

NY Times: Hey, Obama Should Violate The Constitution And Raise The Debt Ceiling

Well, as to the first part, op-ed contributors Eric A. Posner and Adrian Vermeule state that it would be perfectly Constitutional, and offer an extremely dubious rationale PRESIDENT OBAMA should announce that he will raise the debt ceiling unilaterally if he cannot reach a deal with Congress. Constitutionally, he would be on solid ground. Politically, […]

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