Remember, When The Weather Is Hot, That’s Proof Of Globull Warming

And when it is very cold and snowy…..well, the Warmists are blaming that on anthropogenic global warming nowadays, too. Latest to push the meme is Andrew Revkin

“Living with the greenhouse effect” was the subtitle of my October, 1988, cover story for Discover Magazine — my first lengthy exploration of the science pointing to a growing human influence on climate. The cover line on the piece, which followed a scorching summer across much of the country, was, “This summer was merely a warmup.”

So much for warmups. The summer of 2011 is indicative of the new climatological norms that are emerging as conditions neatly echo longstanding projections of the consequences of steadily raising the concentration of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

Of course, this is the same Andrew Revkin who has no guilt over being a CO2 polluter. But, really, these are the “new climatological norms?” And, if so, why does it have to be anything other than natural, with some localized anthropogenic means thrown in (such as the urban heat island affect)? Let’s go to Steven Goddard at Real Science who is The Man when it comes to historical perspective (thanks to Tom Nelson for making them easy to C&P)

And there is much, much, much more at Real Science. Let’s go to meteorologist Paul Gross

We’re not going to minimize this. This is obviously a significant heat wave. But I’ll tell you, Lucy Ann, there is nothing that compares to that heat wave of 1936. I consider that the most significant weather event ever to hit the state of Michigan because it hit the entire state. Here in the Detroit area it was seven consecutive days over one hundred, and it wasn’t just here in the southern part of the state. You go up North to cool off, but areas up North got it as well. Traverse City had five straight days over one hundred. West Branch had six straight days over one hundred. Even up in the Upper Peninsula, Munising had four days over one hundred. That was an extraordinary time with no air conditioning — we’re talking 1936.

On days like today (and yesterday), I would love for the Climate Alarmists to be correct, and that would could Do Something to change the dynamics. Of course, since only a fraction of a fraction of Warmists actually practice what they preach (like Revkin), I’d say there is something else behind the notion of man-induced global climate weather warming colding droughting flooding everything’s happening because of that should make you wonder what the actual endgame is.

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2 Responses to “Remember, When The Weather Is Hot, That’s Proof Of Globull Warming”

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    We used to call hot weather “summer”. We used to call climate “weather”. The weather in summer is hot. It has always been hot. I can’t wait for winter and some nice “warmal colding”.

  2. Now they are just punch lines for fascist governmental control jokes

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