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Man With No Plan Open To Short Term Debt Deal With Strings Attached

Alternate title: man who raised America’s debt, deficit, and spending to “historic” levels will to do nothing but run his lips in support of short term debt deal as long as someone else gets screwed in the long term, but, that takes up a bit more room The Obama administration signalled it may accept a […]

If All You See…

…are evil puppies which have a giant ecological footprint, you might just be a Warmist

Obama Spokesweasel: “Leadership Is Not Proposing A Plan…”

Um, what? In response to a question about whether now would be a good time for the president to present his own debt ceiling budget plan, White House spokesman Jay Carney had this to say: “Leadership is not proposing a plan for the sake of having it voted up or down and likely voted down…” […]

Are You Ready For The United Nations’ Green Helmets?

Because the UN does such a wonderful job with their Blue Helmets A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change. Small island states, which could disappear beneath rising seas, are pushing the security council to […]

Attacks Against Bachmann Are Sexist And May Violate Several Laws

The Boston Herald notices the sexism inherent in the treatment of Bachman and Palin GOP mega-stars U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin — both top Republicans who buck the status quo — have been unfairly mocked and broadsided with loaded, gender-biased questions, prominent women from both parties told the Herald yesterday. “You have two […]

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