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Independence Day – Ronald Reagan

Because The H2 isn’t just about Big Boob Friday And, why yes, Obama does use July 4th to push for more money for the teachers (unions), for ObamaCare, and “green” energy, between saying Happy July 4th. Interestingly, the link for the speech isn’t even on the White House front page.

1812 Overture Finale – Boston Pops

One of my favorite classical thunder pieces.

If All You See…

…is the flag of the world’s worst carbon polluter, you might just be a Warmist. If all you see is the flag of the best country ever, you might just be are a patriot! Bonus below the fold

Happy Independence Day: Plant A Tree

Treehugger has a rather interesting story about The Liberty Tree The story of America’s struggle for independence tells tale of heroic men and women united in their noble quest for freedom — but one of the most enduring figures at the center of that revolution was not a person at all. Years before the Founding […]

BDS2: Is Michele Bachmann’s Husband….Gay?

You’d think that, one day, the Left would figure out that we know exactly who scares the watermelon juice out of them by how much they attack that person/group. Conversely, we know who doesn’t scare them, because they say “that guy scares us!” (see John Huntsman). Michele Bachmann is on the top of the hit-list […]

Independence Day Patriotic Pinups!

Several more below the fold

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