1812 Overture Finale – Boston Pops

One of my favorite classical thunder pieces.

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3 Responses to “1812 Overture Finale – Boston Pops”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    One of my favorite pieces as well.

    That is why last night when the Boston Pops show was on CBS, I was looking forward to the piece.

    Didn’t happen.

    I want it back.


    As a side note, I had to chuckle when the commentator / host of the show (whoever he was) said “The Stars and Stripes Forever” was a “holiday classic.”

    Sorry Skippy, “White Christmas” is a “holiday classic” as it was written for a specific holiday.

    The “Stars and Stripes Forever” was not written for the 4th of July.

    (The lyrics for “Stars and Stripes Forever” show, in my opinion, that Sousa was a great composer but was not great with lyrics. He was akin to George Lucas writing dialog.)

    Great musician though. It is hard for people these days to know and understand the impact Sousa had on American music. He was the rock star of epic proportions of his day.

  2. roberts says:

    where were the cannons seen in previous years????
    the pops are always the tops–thank you

  3. I was PO’d that they didn’t show it, and, they have skipped it for the past couple years. It’s kinda the whole point, the highlight of the Pos in the Park for july 4th.

    I have a fantastic version by the Philly Symphony, very well done. Along with many other Tchaikovsky songs.

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