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Culture Of Civility: You TEA Partiers Are The Hezbollah Wing

Here’s a good one for Nice Deb is she starts up her New Tone posts from The NY Times’ Thomas Freidman Alas, that is the Tea Party. It is so lacking in any aspiration for American greatness, so dominated by the narrowest visions for our country and so ignorant of the fact that it was […]

If All You See…

…is an evil cat which uses too much of Gaia’s natural resources, you might just be a Warmist It’s still redhead week.

Henry Waxman Asks Sec. Chu To Create Globull Warming Re-Education Program

Because you haven’t been exposed enough to the so-called science of anthropogenic global warming, er, climate change, er, climate crisis, Henry Waxman wants more, and penned a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu (via Minnesotans For Global Warming). A few excerpts (full letter for your amusement at MGW) I am writing to urge you to […]

Just How Big Is The Federal Government? Over 100 Million Checks Sent Out Each Month

Consider: the population of the United States is a bit over 311 million, yet, we start off with Obama unintentionally telling us that government is too damned involved in American life If nothing else, the crisis over the debt ceiling is reminding the country of the astonishing reach of the federal spigot, encapsulated by a […]

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