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If All You See…

…are evil fireworks, which contaminate the Earth and raise global temperatures, you might just be a Warmist

July 4th Is For More Than Believers In God Or Something

Because, damnitall, those far left progressive nonthiests are patriotic too! And they’ll spread awareness that they’re patriotic! And write missives telling people they’re patriotic. They’ll complain to everyone that they are patriotic. Just don’t ask them to fly the US flag, because that’s racist or something. And then there’s the whole “fundamentally transforming America” schtick.  […]

Why, Yes, Think Progress Blames Fireworks Cancellations On Globull Warming

Deep in your heart, you just knew someone was going to link Independence Day and globull warming. In this case, it’s George Soros funded Think Progress: Global Warming Hates The Fourth Of July As fossil fuel pollution heats the planet, one of the casualties is the traditional celebration of the founding of the United States. […]

Obama’s Weekly Address: “Oh, I Almost Forgot, Have A Nice 4th Of July”

The conversation for NMP Obama’s Weekly Address probably went something like O.: I want to yammer on about corporate jets Staff: OK, that’s good, because Americans are really concerned about them. You should probably mention Independence Day O.: You mean that right wingnut holiday? Is that this weekend? What’s it about? S.: It’s Monday, Mr. […]

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