July 4th Is For More Than Believers In God Or Something

Because, damnitall, those far left progressive nonthiests are patriotic too! And they’ll spread awareness that they’re patriotic! And write missives telling people they’re patriotic. They’ll complain to everyone that they are patriotic. Just don’t ask them to fly the US flag, because that’s racist or something. And then there’s the whole “fundamentally transforming America” schtick.  And how, when asked what their favorite country is, they’ll say “by what measure?” (We’ll skip the whiny references to Michele Bachmann, ‘k?)

….Bachmann and the Tea Party may have deemed themselves the country’s true patriots, but millions of religion-free Americans will honor their country this Fourth of July with dignity, respect, and goodness.

Is that before or after they manage to ban fireworks displays?

Instead of focusing on nationalistic fervor, humanists tend to take a broader view of inhabiting a world made up of one people. Some Americans assume humanists and atheists are unpatriotic, but with freethinkers spending more time trying to unite people across cultural and political boundaries,nothing could be further from the truth.

So, they aren’t interested a “nationalistic fervor,” which we could generously deem as “patriotism”, ie, love of country? They love the whole world? Anyhow, we don’t assume they are unpatriotic, we just have to simply refer back to their words and actions.

American Atheists is also sponsoring July 4th aerial banner planes reading “Atheism is Patriotic” and “God-LESS America.” Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists, said that the purpose of the banners is to “highlight the fact that atheists are everywhere, in every parade, on every beach, and in every state, city, and town.”

If you have to run a publicity campaign to declare that you are actually patriotic, because people think you aren’t, well, you aren’t.

Bachmann and the Tea Party may believe that they have the patriotic market cornered, but nontheists know this isn’t the case. Today more than 15 percent of Americans identify themselves as nontheist; 35 million people who no longer feel attached to traditional, outdated religion. The Fourth of July presents ample opportunity for all nontheist Americans to “come out of the closet” and openly identify as such. As Silverman said, “what better time than Independence Day weekend to speak up peacefully and declare ‘Yes, we’re all Americans?'”

Right, because July 4th, a celebration of our declaration of independence from England, is the perfect time to agitate. And, yeah, you are Americans. Doesn’t mean you have a patriotic bone in your body. Your words and actions tell the truth.


What the left will say is that the right has “hijacked patriotism.”

We didn’t hijack it. We didn’t need to hijack it.

You abandoned it.

We are merely caring for and cherishing what you scorned and then discarded and then derided and then ridiculed.

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3 Responses to “July 4th Is For More Than Believers In God Or Something”

  1. captainfish says:

    Wait, these atheists are pushing an agenda that sounds an awful lot like homosexual agenda? In your face, come out of the closet, we are everywhere, accept us or else, we are a tiny minority thus our views must dominate….

    Listen, we may tolerate you, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept your ideas. Like you have to tolerate us and not accept our ideas. And, if you have to hold an ad campaign to try and prove to religious people that you are patriotic, then DON’T GO AROUND SPITTING ON OUR GOD!!!

    You don’t see the Jewish people doing ad campaigns around Christmas saying, “Have a Christ-LESS-mas and a happy new year. And vote for Jews!”, do ya?

    Why is it that it is the liberals, commies, wackos, and idiots are the ones to get angry when their attacks and insults fail to work to convince us?

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