Happy Independence Day: Plant A Tree

Treehugger has a rather interesting story about The Liberty Tree

The story of America’s struggle for independence tells tale of heroic men and women united in their noble quest for freedom — but one of the most enduring figures at the center of that revolution was not a person at all. Years before the Founding Fathers gathered in stately halls and meetinghouses to shape what would become the Declaration of Independence, the seeds of liberty had been planted and nurtured in a far more humble setting — beneath the branches of an elm tree. (snip)

By the mid-18th century, many prominent colonists in Boston had grown weary of living under British rule, made worse by the passage of a Stamp Act which effectively taxed and censored written correspondences. In 1765, a secretive group of American patriots known as the Sons of Liberty organized a very public demonstration to protest the law, and they chose that elm tree as their meeting spot — earning it the name “Liberty Tree”.

I would most definately recommend reading the whole thing. A very good take on the history of the American Revolution (of course, if Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann discussed it in this way, they would be excoriated)

But (you knew one was coming, right?), then we get

In light of history and the ideals laid out in the Declaration of Independence, trees in particular just may be a more fitting monument to tennets of democracy than the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, or any such site — for they are as stoic and timeless as our inalienable rights. It’s a wonder then that shooting fireworks, not planting trees, became Independence Day tradition. After all, bombs bursting in air may have won us our liberty once, but freedom can still be found in the shade of an elm.

Of course, fireworks are bad for Gaia and the climate change hoax, making the world hot dry wet cold snowy killing everything.

Still, it is an interesting thought, and there is nothing wrong with planting a tree. Which is why we have more trees in the USA today than we did in 1765.

Happy 4th Of July, Everyone!

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One Response to “Happy Independence Day: Plant A Tree”

  1. captainfish says:

    ummmm.. yeah, nothing inspires the idea of freedom and liberty, and the oooooooo and aaaaaaaaa of.. planting a hole in the ground and sticking a plant in it.

    Or, maybe he is referencing the fact that as fireworks burn and explode, so can trees when they are caught on fire. So, plant a tree and then burn it!!!!!


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