Obama Spokesweasel: “Leadership Is Not Proposing A Plan…”

Um, what?

In response to a question about whether now would be a good time for the president to present his own debt ceiling budget plan, White House spokesman Jay Carney had this to say: “Leadership is not proposing a plan for the sake of having it voted up or down and likely voted down…”

Yeah, that would just be so terrible to actually propose legislation and *gasp* have it be voted on.

More at National Review, Political Punch, Pajamas Media, The Other McCain, Weasel Zippers and nation.foxnews.com

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6 Responses to “Obama Spokesweasel: “Leadership Is Not Proposing A Plan…””

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    White House and “leadership” is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

  2. captainfish says:

    PLAN?!!? We don’t need no stinkin plan.
    Plans are for the peons. Organizers organize, delegate and control.

    Worst. President. EVER!

    Oh, Mr President. The water is starting to go over the damn and we see some crack forming on its wall. What should we do? Where is the Emergency Response Plan?!!?

    Obama: “Leadership is not proposing a plan for the sake of having it voted up or down and likely voted down…”

    “Let me be clear, my intention is to necessarily skyrocket the cost of repairs so that people who get in to that business wont’.”

    “Listen, I’ve said it before, I will not settle for a short-term fix for this without adding an additional source of water.”

    “I believe it is time that those who produce the most electricity should be taxed to the point where they don’t create the power for those earth-killing incandescent bulbs and evil electric cars.”

  3. Black Flag says:

    Can you imagine if Palin or Bush had made a statement like this?
    Good God, is there NO ONE in the Democrat Party willing to defect? Is there NO ONE who can see what Obama is doing to their party? I know Democrats hate the country but it looks like Obama is going to finish the job he started on Democrats back in November last year.
    You’d think SOMEONE in the entire Democrat hierarchy would break ranks and say, “Enough!”

  4. Word says:

    The problem is that politics is so polarized that the left has the same problem as the right.

    ANYONE is better then Obama for the right and ANYONE is better then a Republican for the left.

    This is why the meme should be “Its the economy Stupid because that 20 percent of America that decides every election votes with their pocket books….not their brains.

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