Alan Colmes: Threat From Muslim Brotherhood “A Myth”

Well, it’s just so obvious. How could a group with its roots in spreading hardcore Islamism possibly be big meanies and a danger? Threat Of Muslim Brotherhood Running Egypt As An Anti-American Muslim State Is A Myth

Mohamed ElBaradei, a leading voice of Egypt’s opposition, told Fareed Zakaria on CNN that the American conservative fear put forth by people like John Bolton and Thaddeus McCotter that the Muslim Brotherhood will step in and take over Egypt if Hosni Mubarak falls is a myth without “one iota of reality.”

Excitable Alan cites a single interview with ElBaradei, who says that the threat is a myth perpetuated by the Mubarak regime. Now, I’m not saying ElBaradei is wrong, but, it is typical of Leftists like Colmes to reflexively think the best of the Islamists without bother to look at the roots of their beliefs as well as what they want to achieve.

Interestingly, Alan’s link is for Think Progress, which has this

They are in favor of a secular state. they are of –they are in favor of an institution that have bread lines, they are in favor that every Egyptian have the same rights, that the state is in no way a state based on religion. And I have been reaching out to them. We need to include them. They are as much a part of society as the markets that started here.

Interestingly, they changed a word. Let’s go to the CNN article

They are in favor of a federalist (ph) state. They are in favor of a wording on the base of constitution that has red lines (ph) that every Egyptian has the same rights, same obligation, that the state in no way will be a state based on religion. And I have been reaching out to them. We need to include them. They are part of the Egyptian society, as much as the Marxist party here. I think this myth that has been perpetuated and sold by the regime has no — has no iota of reality.

It’s almost like Alan and Think Progress wanted to hide something.

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5 Responses to “Alan Colmes: Threat From Muslim Brotherhood “A Myth””

  1. mojo says:

    ElBaradi is a lying weasel, and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could toss old Khufu’s tomb. Just look at the crap he pulled re: the Iranian nuke buildup.

  2. Trish says:

    A MYTH? Right. As simple as that, and we ought to take HIS word on it. When there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.
    Colmes is definitely not the brightest apple in the liberal bunch.
    I think his immense hate for conservatives and his venomous spite is blurring his thoughts.

  3. Since ElBaredei was Ahmadinejad’s Sqt. Schultz (“I see nothinggg”), I guess that makes Alan Colmes Col. Klink.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  4. Adobe Walls says:

    This comment reprinted by permission from me.
    Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is an Iranian stooge. When he was head of the UN’s IEAE he tried to convince everyone that all those centrifuges were actually just part of an Industrial Laundry facility. Quoting HOTAIR’s quote of AP ) “he was head of the IAEA and ostensibly charged with inspecting Iran’s nuclear sites……His main task, he felt, was preventing a western attack on Iran”, I think that’s why he won the Nobel prize,..hmm sound familiar? Most of his working career was spent in some capacity at the UN (an infamous Islamic supremacist organization) which indicates his competence. He was an Iranian stooge long before this golden opportunity fell in his lap.

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