Arkansas And N.Y. Look To Play Nanny With Distracted Pedestrians

Having solved all their actual issues, it’s time for a big dose of nannyism

Lawmakers in at least two states are looking to pull the plug on texting pedestrians and iPod-obsessed runners, claiming their diverted attention borders on disaster.

After targeting drivers who paid more attention to their phone calls and text messages than the road, lawmakers in Arkansas and New York are now looking to crack down on pedestrians equally distracted by their own electronic gadgets.

Lawmakers in both states have proposed restrictions on using cell phones and music players such as iPods by people running and walking on the street or sidewalk. The apparent message: Distracted pedestrians are dangerous.

In Arkansas, they would ban the use of both earbuds, meaning you could only listen to one while walking into a lampost, sign, or mall fountain. There would be no actually civil or criminal penalty, this is just a “spreading awareness law.” Obviously, you guessed it, the law is sponsored by a Democrat. And in NY

Democratic State Sen. Carl Kruger in New York has been trying since 2007 to ban the use of cell phones, iPods and other gadgets by pedestrians in major cities while crossing the street. The proposal would ban the use of an electronic device while crossing the crosswalk in a city with a population of one million or more. Violators would face a $100 civil fine.

“Officer, officer, I saw a guy listen to the Grateful Dead while crossing the street, you gotta Do Something!” Because the cops have nothing better to do than be turned into hall monitors.

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One Response to “Arkansas And N.Y. Look To Play Nanny With Distracted Pedestrians”

  1. captainfish says:

    oh holy hell!!!
    Seriously? BANNING the use of electronic equipment for those walking or running on a sidewalk? OR while they are in a Crosswalk?

    Please tell me this is just one huge joke?!!?

    What if the person is not on a sidewalk? What if the person is on the street?
    What if the person has a CD player?
    What if the person has one of the old Boom Boxes? How about one of the portable TVs?

    Well, you say it bans “an electronic device”. Hmm, so would that ban a cochlear implant? Would that ban a pacemaker, electronic eye, electronic health monitors, or even an electronic ankle bracelet for people out on bail?

    But, what of those towns that don’t have stoplights or stop signs? Cars won’t be stopping at all for people crossing the streets. To me, that is more dangerous than having lighted crosswalks.

    Hey, I know, how about we just ban any and all electronic device whatsoever?!!? Make people walk wherever they are going. Go back to the Bronze Age. Of course, you’d have to eliminate bicycles and horses too. Those would be too fast for the walking-dead-heads.

    Care to guess the death and accident rate in New York City at the height of the horse-carriage days? Then bump it up when trollies began appearing.

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