Breaking: Whiny A** Liberals Whine About Not Being Able To See Traitor

A couple of liberals are whining up a big storm, and, this is somehow “BREAKING”

Jane Hamsher is with David House who is trying to visit Pvt. Bradley Manning at Quantico today while carrying a petition with 42,000 signatures requesting humane treatment for Manning. The military isn’t making it easy at all and detained Jane and David for two hours. We’re publishing her tweets as well as David House’s tweets here as a post in case you haven’t been able to follow them on Twitter (@JaneHamsher and @DavidMHouse

Granted, I’m not really up on military incarceration issues, and, the website for the Marine Base at Quantico does not want to come up, but, why, exactly, would they get visitation rights? The MPs were probably saying to themselves “who the f*** are these loons and why are they visiting this possible traitor?” They’re not Manning’s lawyers, their not family: did they think they could just waltz on in to the Base and see Manning…of course they did, because they are idiot liberals. Apparently, they say they were on an official visitors list. Well, Welcome to the Real World, chumps!

Granted, Manning should either be charged or released, this has gone on long enough. Amusing to think how incensed the left would be if Bush were president, blaming him specifically for Manning. Mostly, they are soft peddling around Blame Obama.

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4 Responses to “Breaking: Whiny A** Liberals Whine About Not Being Able To See Traitor”

  1. TatterTot says:

    did they think they could just waltz on in to the Base and see Manning…of course they did, because they are idiot liberals.

    No. They knew there would be trouble,and hoped for it. I mean had Hamsher been pulled over or speeding she would have to provide paper proof, not electronic on her fricken blackberry,she has insurance. And leave it to the scary smart Jane not to look into what is required for civilians to enter one of the most active military bases. Jane just like to cause shit and expect BIG Media to follow along. Had the military let loony Jared Loughner on base all the leftards and big media would be OUTRAGED!!

  2. John Ryan says:

    can you imagine anyone on the RIGHT telling Bush to either charge or release a man suspected of espionage when Bush was POTUS ? But here you are doing that right Teach ? And 40000 people did sign that petition, were you one of them were they not all lefties? amusing to think that the right now is saying charge or release.

  3. captainfish says:

    The “right” is about laws. We are incensed about the lack of trials and convictions from Guantanamo. There is no reason to continue to hold these terrorists in a near 3 star hotel.

    There is no reason to hold people without charging them. Another aspect of the Patriot Act that the “right” also hated. The “right” also hates the idea of the gov’ts attempts to seize or track anything associated with a CITIZEN without a warrant.

    Thankfully, a judge said that warrantless access to emails and cellphones is unconstitutional. And, SOME judges have ruled that gps-tracking of vehicles is also wrong.

    We on the “right” like the constitution and like laws. We want both followed. The “left” hate laws and the constitution.

  4. Upon arriving at the main entrance at Quantico House and Hamsher were stopped and detained by military police who provided no explanation for detainment aside from a statement from one MP that his orders to detain had come from the top. .Between 1 00 1 30 MPs took their IDs and made them sign a form that they could not deviate to the brig or else they would be considered trespassing. No explanation for House and Hamsher s detainment was provided until 2 50 when they were informed they could leave the base. They were detained for two hours up until Manning s visitation time period expired at 3 00 pm..In past visits Hamsher and House have had no problem driving onto the base to visit Manning.

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