Enviroweenies Today: ULP, Earthquakes, Childfree For Gaia

I was tempted to name the post AGW Stupidity Today, but, really, everyday is stupidity day in climate alarmist and enviroweenie world, starting with Treehugger: Urban Light Pollution Boosts Air Pollution

Living in Manhattan, where on a good night you only see a couple stars in the sky and it’s never truly dark due to light pollution, this one particularly hits home for me: BBC News reports that a new presentation at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco shows how bright city lighting makes air pollution worse.

Apparently all that urban light pollution interferes with chemical reactions that normally take place at night and helps clean the air which “uses a special form of nitrogen oxide, called the nitrate radical, the break down chemicals that would otherwise go on to form the smog and ozone that can make city air such an irritant to the chest. The cleansing normally occurs in the hours of darkness because the radical is destroyed by sunlight.”

First off, we’ll ignore the AGU being massive alarmists. The science seems found, so, we won’t question the Union. Second, it’s funny that most of those heavily urbanized areas tend to be comprised mostly of …… liberals, who tend to be climate and envirowackos. So, we can blame liberals for air pollution.


Something is shaking under Guy, Ark., and no one is quite sure what’s going on.

CNN is reporting that the small town north of Little Rock has had almost as many earthquakes since late September as it has residents. For the record, Guy has 549 residents and since Sept. 20 the town has had 487 measurable earthquakes. Arkansas is no stranger to seismic activities. CNN quoted Scott Ausbrooks, the geohazards supervisor for the Geological Survey, saying that last year the state had 39 measurable quakes.

Now, I don’t want to go all James Inhofe on this, but I was a bit skeptical to think that manmade activity could cause earthquakes. But then I did a little research and found that drilling of disposal wells near Derby, Colo., caused several quakes in the 1960s. So, it appears this is possible. In fact, there are other investigations about this same thing happening in Trinidad, Colo., about ten years ago and then in north Texas where disposal wells were drilled near fault lines.

The writer does mention that the area does sit atop several fault zones, including the New Madrid, but, hey, nothing wrong with a little conspiracy theory about drilling for oil, right?


Deciding to be childfree doesn’t have to mean forgoing all the joys and oys of parenting. In a new piece in YES! magazine, Wendy Call describes her life as a co-parent — “not some new alternative but an old tradition,” she writes.

Call and her partner Aram are confirmed GINKs (green inclinations, no kids). But they’ve rejected the “stark” choice to either “become parents for every minute of every day, or not at all.” She and Aram are co-parents a few hours at a time, a few times a week, to the 3-year-old daughter of close friends and neighbors.

Hmm, I think they usually term this “babysitting.” Don’t missinterpret my derision, I think that all climate alarmists should become GINKs, every single one of them. That way, in just a few short generations, there will be virtually no more climate alarmists and liberals, since they will have no children to pass on their idiotic and insane notions on to.

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7 Responses to “Enviroweenies Today: ULP, Earthquakes, Childfree For Gaia”

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  2. captainfish says:

    GINKS!?!?!? They actively call themselves GINKS?!?!?

    Welp, OK!!! I’ll go along with that.

  3. Trish says:

    Oh, the tears won’t stop…captainfish, you nailed it.
    Teach, where do you find this stuff? Is it real?

  4. I understand that GINKs are falling out of trees in Florida from the cold.

    It’s real, Trish. And, sadly, it is not hard to find. Virtually every day, some envirowacko/climate alarmist writes/does something truly insane. I usually do not have to go far to find it, either.

  5. captainfish says:


    Gotta love it.
    gink (gnk)
    n. Slang
    A man, especially one regarded as foolish or contemptible. A man or boy, esp one considered to be odd

  6. Trish says:

    So tantalizingly accurate!

  7. John Ryan says:

    Teach would you qualify as a GINK? I know Trish can’t

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