Canadian Military Rescues Hundreds From Globull Warming Snow

Dispatches from the world of Holy Crap, It’s Friggin Cold!

The Canadian military has rescued more than 237 motorists trapped by snow on an Ontario highway, some for more than 24 hours in frigid weather.

Motorists rescued from Highway 402 were taken to “warming” centres.

A state of emergency was declared in Lambton County, south-west of Toronto, where the vehicles became trapped.

Now they have to search the secondary roads for people, who hopefully won’t be Popsicle sticks. Obviously, this is just weather, and doesn’t invalidate the notion that greenhouse gases are Killing Gaia, which has apparently never been through warm periods in the past 4 billion years. Or, we can go with the absurd talking point that GHGs are causing “extreme weather”, including snow. Because there have never been big snow storms before.

Make sure you follow Tom Nelson for all the record lows and people freezing due to globull warming.

More: wait, what?

Savvy South Floridians began grabbing space heaters off the shelves last week, when forecasters started talking about the coming freeze. Many stores had none left by Monday.

Space heaters in South Florida?

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8 Responses to “Canadian Military Rescues Hundreds From Globull Warming Snow”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Shocking who could imagine it snowing in Canada in December ? This definitely proves that the Earth is COOLING and not warming. Any word on what the actual TEMPERATURES were? And yes Teach things have changed from 4 billion years ago ( well that assumes that you don’t believe in the Bible being the word of God). 4 Billion years ago the earth was just a giant lump of magma. But if you want further indications of RECORD HIGH TEMPS why not look at Denver ? They set a record high TEMP yesterday 70F and now are about to get snow today.
    Last year in the USA we set twice as many record HIGH records as we did low records.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach weather anomalies happen all the time. BUT the overall climate of our planet is heading in only one direction and doing so at an unprecedented rate of change.

  3. manbearpig says:

    How long before you can call it a trend. This is the third straight year of below normal temps in the Great Lakes region. Is this still considered “weather” or can we call it climate now?

  4. manbearpig says:

    Correction, I believe that should be below “average” since “normal” is only a variation in the overall “average” temperature is it not?

  5. Who says it’s “unprecedented,” John? The Earth has 4 billion years of history. It was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period. The overall climate has been stagnant for over 15 years, as even Phil Jones wrote. Yet, CO2 continues to slowly go up. Real science says there is something else at play, which would be primarily nature.

  6. captainfish says:

    If one is a closet meteorologist like I am, you can see what is going on clearly. With a massive push of cold air from the artic, and a low-lying jet stream freeing up the northern latitudes to this cold front, the opposing force is to allow an upwelling of heat from the tropics on its backside.

    This is normal. Its as you say, weather. It moves heat and cold around. I think some people call it natural. Almost like it was made this way, … or something.

  7. gitarcarver says:

    Isn’t funny that when there are high temps, people like Ryan scream that it is proof of global warming, but when there are cooler temps, they scream that it is “weather, not climate?”

    BTW Ryan, I accepted your challenge on the “evangelical” point you tried to raise. I notice that you not only have not responded, you ran away like the intellectual coward you are.

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