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Obama Admin. To Expand Warrantless Internet Activity Searches

Through all the whining from the Left about warrantless wiretapping and such, at least that was done against foreigners. No so with the latest Obama administration proposal The Obama administration is seeking to make it easier for the FBI to compel companies to turn over records of an individual’s Internet activity without a court order […]

How’s That Hope And Unemployment Working Out, Millennials?

Hey, just remember, the policies of the Messiah most of you voted for are keeping unemployment high for the long term They are perhaps the best-educated generation ever, but they can’t find jobs. Many face staggering college loans and have moved back in with their parents. Even worse, their difficulty in getting careers launched could […]

Rule 5 Wednesday: Another Hot Russian Spy Busted

Via Jammie Wearing Fool, comes this story of spying, hotness, smuggling, but, mostly hotness Looks like the Cold War is really heating up. A young Russian beautician faces federal felony charges in Texas for allegedly trying to smuggle night vision scopes to Moscow — just weeks after the feds broke up a massive Russian spy […]

Consumer Confidence Drops On Jobs Worries

How could that possibly happen in the word of unicorns and lollipops? Job worries drove July U.S. consumer confidence to its lowest since February, with one in six people expecting lower income in the next six months, underscoring the precarious state of economic recovery. A year and a half since we received Barry’s Big Stimulus, […]

LA Union Members Will Travel To Arizona To Protest

Hey, I’m just wondering: shouldn’t they kind be, you know, working on Thursday? As a judge weighs whether to halt Arizona’s controversial immigration law, hundreds of Los Angeles union members and activists are planning a bus caravan to Phoenix on Thursday — the day the law is set to take effect. More than 550 people […]

Reid’s Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act Only Does The Last

So, looks like Dingy Harry has introduced his Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act.You can read the draft text here. To begin with The Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act would ensure that BP pays to clean up its mess. Second, it would invest in Home Star, a bipartisan energy efficiency program […]

Some People Upset About Hit Lists Revealed by WikiLeaks

And, by some people, I mean “liberals”, and the hit lists include the names of enemy commanders. You know, those wonderful little darlings of the Left who are part of Al Qaeda and the Taliban When it comes to war, killing the enemy is an accepted fact. Even amid the sensation of the revelations, […]

Arizona’s SB-1070 Starts In Two Days-The Latest News

Yes, just two days away from Arizona implementing its “controversial” illegal immigration law. There is some good news, as reported by Reuters on Sunday, though they put a wildly humorous liberal spin on it: Migrants sell up and flee Arizona ahead of crackdown A few paces up the street, her undocumented Mexican neighbour Wendi Villasenor […]

Partisan Hack-In-Chief Whines About GOP Opposition To Disclose Act

This is getting truly tiresome. In all my years, I have never seen such a thin skinned partisan sitting in the White House, constantly attacking anyone/any group who opposes his viewpoint. Even Clinton never went this far. High school student body presidents act more presidential than Obama does President Obama called out Senate Republicans on […]

Obama To Take Yet Another Vacation In August

Being President Campaigning, blamestorming, and partying is hawd woik! According to the Obama’s official schedule, the First Family will visit the disaster hit Gulf Coast in Florida for a weekend in August and will spend 10 days in the upscale northeastern resort island of Martha’s Vineyard. And Michelle and the kiddies will take a vacation […]

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