Rule 5 Wednesday: Another Hot Russian Spy Busted

Via Jammie Wearing Fool, comes this story of spying, hotness, smuggling, but, mostly hotness

Looks like the Cold War is really heating up.

A young Russian beautician faces federal felony charges in Texas for allegedly trying to smuggle night vision scopes to Moscow — just weeks after the feds broke up a massive Russian spy ring, according to a bombshell new report made public today.

Anna Fermanova, 24, was busted July 15 when she returned to the US after spending four months overseas. She was charged with “knowingly and intentionally” attempting to export “from the United States to Russia defense articles on the United States Munitions list,” according to documents posted on

The state-of-the-art vision goggles cannot be exported without pre-approval from the Department of State since the items are considered weapons, officials said.

She could face up to 10 years in the slammer. Hey, maybe in the same cell with Lindsay Lohan……..just thinking dreaming out-loud. More photos at The Telegraph.

Anna Fermanova Anna Fermanova

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2 Responses to “Rule 5 Wednesday: Another Hot Russian Spy Busted”

  1. John Ryan says:

    do you actually believe that she was working for the Russian government ? And her mission was to obtain RHREE night vision devices ?

  2. captainfish says:

    Yeah, I find that awfully hard to believe as well. Weapons-grade night vision goggles? She get that from her facebook group? or at her local night club?

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