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Maryland Polar Bear Plunge Cancelled Due To Cold. Wait, What?

Heh ANNAPOLIS, Md. – It was too cold even for some polar bears on Saturday. The second of two scheduled dips in the water at the 14th annual Polar Bear Plunge in Annapolis, Md. was canceled on doctors’ orders. The air temperature was 23 degrees and the Chesapeake Bay was 36 degrees when crowds took […]

Sunday Photo

Sorry, no photofest today. Out playing in the snow.

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! It sure is a white one in my area, I’ll tell ya! Had more snow and sleet throughout the day yesterday, enough to almost fill in 3 inch deep foot prints on my deck. This pinup is by not a clue. It is seriously old school, if memory serves, the 1930’s, but, cannot […]

Obama Does Good! He Might Actually Be Serious About Nuclear Power Plants

You may remember Obama mentioning nuclear power plants during his snoozefest of a SOTU speech. For a change, he might actually be looking to get new ones built, so, if the following is true, kudos, Mr. President! Obama moves quickly to promote nuclear power President Obama, who called for a “new generation” of nuclear power […]

Saturday Random (20 Images)

Taliban Using Less Qualified Suicide Chumps These Days

“No, no, Achmed, you’re doing it wrong” Just a day after the London summit on Afghanistan, gunmen wearing suicide vests occupied the unfinished hotel yards from the governors’ offices and about two miles from the headquarters of British military and aid efforts in Afghanistan. British helicopters and troops supported Afghan forces during an eight-hour battle […]

Global Warming Out My Back Door

A shot from the doorway earlier with ye olde iPhone. Stupid battery for really good digital camera  needs replacing. About 3 1/2 inches with sleet and ice on top. Might post some more later, when I have gotten dressed. No way I was going outside.

Obama: Yeah, I Kinda Lied About Health Care

Time Magazine is stunned! There’s been a remarkable amount of coverage of President Obama’s appearance at the House Republican retreat today, but I haven’t seen anyone focus on the President’s rather stunning admission about the Democrats’ health care legislation (Video): And what is Time Magazine stunned about? This is what Obama remarked The last thing […]

Oops! More UN IPCC Issues, This Time About Coral

Yet, somehow, the climate alarmists keep defending this lying un-scientific body, via Watts Up With That from There Is No Frakking “Scientific Concesus” On Global Warming Considered the climate Bible by governments around the world, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is meant to be a scientific analysis of the most authoritative […]

You Have All Weekend To Work On Those Parking Skills (21 Images)

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