Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Arab American High School Students Reprimanded Over 9-11 Shirts

Now, before you make a prejudgment about what happened, as I originally did when I saw the headline on the Fluent News app on my iPhone, check this out A group of Arab-American high school students were reprimanded for wearing sweatshirts they made which school administrators said “distastefully” referenced the 9/11 terror attack on the […]

David Price (D-NC): Passing ObamaCare Easier If We Restrict You Morons From Seeing Our Deliberations

OK, that is not exactly what he said, but, if we apply Politicianonics to it, that is what he means There is talk about opening up the House and Senate negotiations on the health care proposal to public hearings. C-SPAN is pushing to broadcast those conferences over its network. Not all legislators like the idea. […]

Must Be Winter (20 Images)

AGW Scaremongering Today: Climate Refugees

If only some of these chicken littles would look at a thermometer. And the news media is not helping, since they tend to ignore stories about it being below average cold. When they do deign to discuss those stories, they somehow manage to blame Man’s release of greenhouse gasses for the cold weather. Yeah, I’m […]

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