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It’s A Blowout!

An evening palate cleanser

Stocks Tank As Obama Yammers On About Nailing Banks

“Don’t tell me words don’t matter,” Obama thundered. And, he’s right The Obama plan to overhaul the banking industry by restricting big banks’ riskiest — and most profitable — trading activities has sent the Dow down more than 200 points today.  The average has now sustained a two-day loss of more than 300 points. Down 213.27 while […]

Oh, Lord, Media Now Pushing The “Greenhouse Gases Cause Cooling” Meme

And, by greenhouse gases, they mean the ones coming from climahysterics like Al Gore flying all over the world your SUV and air conditioner Filling the atmosphere with greenhouse gases associated with global warming could push the planet into a new ice age, scientists have warned. Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that 630 […]

Can’t. Stay. Awake (20 Images)

If Gov’t Can’t Run This Carp, How Would They Do With Healthcare?

A perfect illustration of why government should be limited in their role, because, they are just generally not that great at actually getting things done in a reasonable time period The White House has agreed to Gov. Jim Doyle’s request to hold an emergency Asian carp summit with Great Lakes governors while a Michigan congressman […]

Don’t Blame Me, I Voted McCain/Palin

This is probably a good time to pimp my “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted McCain-Palin” bumper stickers again, only $3.99! Every pink cloud has a Conservative lining.

If Paul Krugman Has Turned On Obama….

Things are not sunshine and unicorn poots in Liberal World right now. Many are trying to spin the loss of Teddy’s bourbon covered seat in all sorts of ways that minimize the damage (just a little hint, Lefties, you also lost the NJ and Va. governor seats for the same reasons you lost in Mass.), […]

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