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No, No, Don’t Touch That, AchmBOOM!

Nothing like some good old afternoon ‘splodin Pakistani officials say at least eight suspected militants have been killed in an explosion at their safehouse in the commercial center of Karachi. Investigators say the suspected militants accidentally detonated the explosives Friday, destroying the safehouse. I have to wonder, is this like the jihadi version of “hey, […]

Daybreakers – The Review

A pretty decent movie, I’ll give it a B-. Good plot, good visuals, and, here is the big thing: once you realize that this is NOT a science fiction movie, but, a drama movie, the acting goes well. Regardless of this being about vampires vs. humans, this is drama, and the acting, cinematography, etc, has […]

Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome! (20 Images)

AGW Today: Everything’s Freezing, But, Where’s The Data?

So, what do we have going on with “climate change?” Cold Iguanas Free-Fall From Trees: Iguanas Go Into Hibernation State In Cold Weather Scotland – Livestock being frozen to death in their thousands Manatee deaths hit record numbers “in part, to cold stress during the winter months of 2008 and 2009.” Cold temperatures impact Florida […]

Obama Declares War On Al Qaeda, Continues To Try Terrorists In Civilian Court

Even though Barry is just attempting to look tough, engaged, and in charge, he is mostly just covering his posterior with all his press conferences and speeches. I will give him points, though, as painful as that is, for at least defending himself. One of the things that drove Conservatives nuts during the Bush years […]

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